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Chester Music Classroom Jam - All Instruments
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DescriptionClassroom Jam titles are now available as hybrid books - using the unique registration code inside the book, you can download individual parts via the website Hybrid Publications. Teachers can now buy one book and print out however many parts are required for the players.This book features 10 ensemble pieces that have been specially arranged for 9-13 year olds. The unique four-part arrangements have been carefully crafted to suit all instruments and playing abilities so everyone can join in! Playing together is the basic idea, and with Classroom Jam anyone can take part, making this an exceptionally useful teaching aid, a valuable introduction to the experience of ensemble playing and lots of fun! The arrangements will suit just about any instrument, from recorder to glockenspiel to guitar to flute, in addition to the written percussion part.SonglistAdagio Cantabile (Sonata In C Minor ´Pathetique´ Op.13) [Beethoven, Ludwig Van]Angels [Williams, Robbie] [Chambers, Guy]Any Dream Will Do (Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat) [Lloyd Webber, Andrew]Give Me Oil In My LampJoshua (Fit The Battle Of Jericho)Joshua Fit De Battle Of JerichoStanding In The Need Of PrayerSwing Low, Sweet ChariotTop Of The World [Carpenters, The]With A Little Help From My Friends [Beatles, The]You Raise Me Up [Westlife]

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