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Niche Authority: Learn How to Create a Niche We...
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This course is for those who want to create their own website in a specific subject or topic about which they are passionate. Otherwise known as an ´´Authority Website´´, this course is a great option for beginners because authority websites have a low start-up cost and if done correctly can continually generate income on a monthly basis.This course covers:What you need to know before you beginHow to complete keyword researchHow to complete competitive researchHow to choose the right website domain and hosting planHow to make your website look good on a budgetHow to create content and ways to get it seenNext steps to take to further your websiteMany people have tried to create authority websites before and failed. This course aims to change that. The curriculum is the exact process I took to create my own successful authority website and can be considered a blueprint of what you should do, too.If you finally want a successful website that continually generates income on a monthly basis and have grown tired of listening to other people who have never actually created their own successful authority website, then this course is for you. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Sarah McEnerney. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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