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Usability evaluation of library websites als Bu...
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Usability evaluation of library websites:A case study at University of Colombo Sri Lanka Anuja Silva

Stand: 23.08.2019
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Autumn Trilogy: Three Stories About Sex, Death,...
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Autumn Trilogy is an anthology of holiday stories from the SRP Radio Podcast and the sex.religion.politics website, written and produced by Chicago comedian Greg Silva. Both podcast and website explore, in funny and provocative ways, the three things we’re not supposed to talk about in public - all from the point of view of the man on the street, the ´´little guy”, the people Jesus referred to as ´´the poor in spirit”.Humor and inspiration for the other 1 percent.Make no mistake. These are earthy, gritty stories, mixing the sacred with the profane. After all, life at the bottom of the barrel is not pretty. But sometimes God waits to speak until we’re completely beaten, and we have to listen.Autumn Trilogy: Three Stories About Sex, Death, & God´´A Still, Small Scratching (or, The Irritating Voice of God)´´ - A man devastated by the Great Recession struggles for a reason to keep going. Then, he hears the voice of God in a very strange place.´´The Blurry Prodigal (or, Sex and Death in Virginia)´´ Pretending to be gay to get free drinks is not a bad idea. Pretending to be gay to pick up girls.... Well, that is brilliant!´´My Christmas, My Easter (or, Why Every Day Is a Holiday)´´ Some miracles happen instantaneously. Others take time. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Greg Silva. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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