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composer/Author (EN) : Carson Turner, BarrieSubtitle (EN) : 32 Traditional PiecesEnglish Folk Tunes presents a collection of beautiful pieces for solo piano drawn from the rich tradition of English folk music. Experienced author and arranger Barrie Carson-Turner provides notes on all of the pieces, explaining their background and history. The volume is accompanied by a CD with a recording of all tunes. German and French translations of all texts are available as pdf downloads from the Schott Music website. Suitable for players of grades 3-8.Part of the best selling World Music series, which also includes music from England, Ireland, Scotland, Eastern Europe, America, Argentina, India, China and Korea.Contenu - Barbara Allen - Come Lasses and Lads - The Cottage Well Thatched With Straw - High Germany - Early One Morning - Dumble Dum Deary - The Oak and the Ash - Brunswick Waltz - The Leather Bottel - The Helston Furry Dance - The Seven Stars - Sweet Polly Oliver - Tommy´s Gone to Hilo - Blow the Wind Southerly - Country Gardens - The Dusky Night Rides Down the Sky - The Keys to Canterbury - Sailors´ Hornpipe - Blow Away the Morning Dew - Yarmouth Rell - Com You Not from Newcastle - As Down in the Meadows I Chanced to Pass - It Was a Maid of My Countrie - O No, John - The Bold Fisherman - The Month of May - The High Level Bridge - Staines Morris - Kem´s Jig - The Golden Banity - Sir Roger de Coverley - The Woodcutter

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