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Ask the Mompreneur
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This incredibly practical book collects the best small business tips and tricks from syndicated writer and executive coach Jennie Wong, Ph.D. 'Ask the Mompreneur' features clear, concise answers on testing your business idea, setting strategies, marketing on a shoestring, making the most of social media, managing daily operations, and much more. The best part is you can use the advice from Dr. Jennie and her guest experts right away! Introduction: What the heck is a Mompreneur anyway? Chapter One: Getting started . How to test my business idea to see if it's viable? . How to launch a new business with a new baby? . How to prepare for maternity leave as a business owner? . How to fund my original product idea? . How to use the 'key person discount' when buying a small business? Chapter Two: Strategy for small business . How to work ON my business, not just IN it? . How to achieve my New Year's resolutions? . How to set smarter goals? . How to become more innovative? . How to keep learning and growing? Chapter Three: Sales and marketing . How to avoid the top 5 marketing mistakes? . How to track your marketing results? . How to get started with social media? . How to take your Facebook fans to the next level? . How do I make my business website work harder? . How to start networking? . How to use referral relationships to build my business? . How to boost sales using face time? . How to tell if free samples are cost effective? . How to promote your business during the holidays? . How to build brand awareness for direct selling? Chapter Four: Operations and financials . How to organize my home office? . How to manage 'feast or famine' small business cycles? . How to ensure delivery of email campaigns? . How to determine if I can afford help around the house? . How to hire my first business employee? . How to manage contract labor? . How to calculate the tax advantages of owning your own business? . How to calculate small business profits? Chapter Five: Time management . How to communicate my business hours? . How to get friends and family to respect my working time? . How to maintain a disciplined work schedule? . How to maintain balance while working from home? . How to 'reschedule' a 5-year-old? Chapter Six: Self-care . How can I maintain my energy for business after having kids? . How can I make time for exercise? . How can I get dinner on the table as fast as possible? . How can I spice up our family dinners? . How can I dress for both clients and childcare? . How to connect with other small business owners? Conclusion: 5 qualities of a successful mompreneur Bonus Chapter: Parenting tips for entrepreneurs . How to entertain your kid at the office? . How to bond with a second pregnancy? . How to breastfeed at work? . How to stay productive during summer vacation? Acknowledgements About the Author

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