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Buch - Summer with My Sister
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New beginnings and an old flame. Summer just got hotter . . .Summer With My Sister is a fascinating tale of family secrets and hidden rivalries by bestselling author Lucy Diamond.Polly has always been the high-flier of the family, with the glamorous city lifestyle to match.Clare is a single mum with two children, struggling to make ends meet in a ramshackle cottage. The two sisters are poles apart and barely on speaking terms.But then Polly´s fortunes change unexpectedly and her world comes crashing down. Left penniless and with nowhere else to go, she´s forced back to the village where she and Clare grew up, and the sisters find themselves living together for the first time in years. With an old flame reappearing for Polly, a blossoming new career for Clare and a long-buried family secret in the mix, sparks are sure to fly. Unless the two women have more in common than they first thought?Diamond, LucyLucy Diamond grew up in Nottingham and went to university in Leeds where she studied English Literature. After graduating, she worked in publishing and at the BBC, and in her spare time she began writing children´s books under a number of different pen names.Two small children later, an evening class in creative writing motivated her to try a longer piece of fiction and explore some of her own feelings about motherhood. This eventually became a novel, Any Way You Want Me, and she was thrilled when Pan Macmillan made her an offer of publication.Now the author of fourteen novels and a Sunday Times bestselling author, Lucy writes with warmth and honesty about the joy and surprises, as well as the complications, that love, family and friendships can bring.Lucy now lives in Bath with her husband and three children and writes full-time.Her website is She is on Twitter @LDiamondAuthor, and has a Facebook page Facebook/LucyDiamondAuthor.

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