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Description: In his book Faithonomics, K. Brad Stamm brings together the Scriptures, basic economic principles, and popular culture in an entertaining way, appealing to the informed and the uninformed about economics and Christian worldview. If you want to learn about a topic more talked about than the weather, or if you want to reflect on your spiritual life from a new perspective, Faithonomics is a book that will encourage, enrich, and bring new insight. Endorsements: ''Stamm gets us beyond the false notion that spirituality and economics are unrelated topics. In a winsome and thoughtful way, Stamm brings economics into clear focus through the lens of a Christian worldview. I enthusiastically recommend Faithonomics!'' --Joseph M. Stowell, President, Cornerstone University ''One truth Faithonomics pointedly demonstrates is that conventional wisdom isn't. True wisdom--the kind Stamm delivers in tasty morsels--is anything but conventional. Bringing together the academy and the marketplace, inspiration and perspiration, the twenty-four vignettes of Faithonomics provide much food for thought at the end of each interesting and educating chapter. Enjoy and be edified.'' --David E. Schroeder, President, Somerset Christian College, Truth in Education ''The Christian higher education community has for some time been interested in the means and methods of integrating faith with learning. This book has done just that. Through a series of contemporary economic issues, Stamm has led the reader to an understanding of the issues and on to a series of reflective questions for further depth of analysis. Very well done!'' --Davis Berryman, Dean of College of Professional & Graduate Studies, Southern Nazarene University ''Faithonomics is unlike any book on economics you will ever read. It's not a micro- or macroeconomics how-to, or a theological treatise on personal finance. It is more like a principle-driven devotional that thoughtfully blends the economics-driven issues of the day with biblical truth. With the skill of a studied economist and the wisdom of a man of God, Stamm gives the reader plenty of food for thought on economics, culture, and living for Christ in the twenty-first century.'' --Michael G. Scales, President, Nyack College & Alliance Theological Seminary About the Contributor(s): K. Brad Stamm (PhD, Fordham University) is Chair of the Division of Business at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids. He has published in many journals and newspapers, makes regular appearances on television, and is an ongoing radio commentator on the US economic environment. His website is

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