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Vortex Jazz Club
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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The Vortex Jazz Club is a London venue that primarily features live contemporary jazz. The club's official website features book reviews and jazz CD reviews by critic Chris Parker.The Vortex started as a jazz club in 1987 and was located in Church Street, Stoke Newington. However following the acquisition of that building by property developers, the club relocated in 2005 to the Dalston Culture House in Gillett Street, N16, where it is at the heart of the newly-created Gillett Square, one of mayor Ken Livingstone's 100 public spaces for London. The Square opened on 10 November 2006 with a performance by Andy Sheppard's Saxophone Massive, composed of 200 saxophonists. The street in front of the club was renamed Bailey Place in December 2007, after guitarist Derek Bailey.

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