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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Sigsiu Online Business Index 2 (also known as SOBI 2) is an open source web directory component and content construction kit (CCK) for the Joomla! content management system (CMS). SOBI2 is written in PHP and requires the MySQL database environment for storage. It is best suited for low to medium level traffic web-sites. Sigsiu Online Business Index 2 is an addon to Joomla that makes it possible to run and manage a directory in your Joomla website. The core Joomla system offers a link component it is limited. SOBI2 on the other hand has many features that makes it stand out from other directory components. You can use it strictly as a web directory or as a directory to physical locations, like golf courses. It has built in integration with Google Maps (API key from Google is required) and it has additional plugins available just for SOBI2

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